pellet mill manufacturer

As it is known that flat die pellet mill is suitable for small scale production, so it is suitable for beginner who want to take a shot in making biomass pellets, especially for the users based on family unit who just want to better recycle their agricultural waste such as corn stalk, rice husk, wheat bran, and etc. In addition, flat die pellet mill costs less money than ring die pellet mill and it won’t occupy too much space for its small size and lightweight.

Pellet Mill Features
 1.Transmission gears made of high quality alloy steel. Their surface undergoes a carburization, quenching treatment and precision machining. It produces less noise, less heat, has a large carrying capacity and a longer service life.
2. Spindle manufactured to bear heavy thrusting and axial forces for a longer service life.
3. Pellet press uses a large diameter roller for greater yields—high rate of pelletization—and uniformly durable pellets. a pellet mill manufacturer,we supply our clients best price and high quality

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