application of grass pellet mill

1. Introducing of grass pellet mill
This grass pellet mill s suitable for making the biomass, sawdust pellet, etc. It has been installed with the electrical control box. It also can make the oil cake for the feedstuff, which it could be granule /pellet for the fish, chicken, animal, etc.

Before our pellet mill mainly make the feedstuff pellets from more grains powder or agriculture straw. With the biomass fuel become more popular, we improved the main parts, which is more suitable for making the sawdust pellets better. Now it could process more kinds of sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, hulls, forestry wastes, wood chips, chemical waste and many other wastes or solid powder materials.

2. working principle of grass pellet mill
The raw material is under dried condition, which is compressed, and formed into small eraser-sized bits, the final pellets is clean, pleasant and smooth, and its density is more than 1.0 g/m3

3. Application

the grass pellet mill is designed to process wide range of materials such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut, shell, rice husk, etc. into biomass pellets without any additive

then how the grass pellet mill works? and except it can make grass pellets, can it make wood sawdust, or animal feed?

grass pellet mill for making fuel pellets

For a long time,wood pellets have been the main fuel pellets. However, there is now a lot of research being carried out into grass fuel developments. Grass pellet mills tend to process materials which are soft, or we can say the density is lower. While wood pellet mill are more suitable to deal with wood and other hard material. But they both process biomass materials,
multifunctional pellet mill

Grass pellet mills can pellet all kinds of grass to make pellets as fuel.They are featured by compact structure and large capacity Compared with wood pellet  grass pellet mills do not need a high cost,wood price is increasing all the time as a result of scarcity, since wood is made from forests. With the concept of forest protection, wood pellet making mill is faced with a shortage of raw materials. Grass are mainly a byproduct of agriculture. Grass like weeds, can be processed into pellets as fuel.As a result, it not only make use of waste materials,but also reduce pollution.This condition just  matches modern concept of environmental protection and energy saving. 

As for people who are interested in investing to biomass pellet industry, grass pellet mill will be an ideal option because of the facile raw material and good performance. It is very convenient for people to start grass pellet making. The only thing you need to do is obtain your grass pellet mill machine.

animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed,duck feed,cattle feed

The feed pellet mill  is designed using the latest technology for accurate and maximum output. The pellet diameter ranges from 3 mm to 12mm,production capacity can vary with the type of material and various other factors.

Various pelleting application include Poultry / Cattle feed Pellets, Organic Fertilizers Pellets Plastic Waste Pellets, Manure Pellets, biomass fuel pellets etc.
We offer animal feed pellet mill which are capable of producing pellets of diameters ranging from 3 mm die to 12 mm die.
Front door, Feed chute and conditioners are made of SS 304 - grade stainless steel for long life.
Feed chute is equipped with a magnet to arrest the ferrous material by going in to pelleting chamber.
Both the pullies are dynamically balanced along with the die assembly.

Flat Die animal feed Pellet Mill Features
1. Electric animal feed  pellet mill is driven by electric motor which makes it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
2. The flat die pellet mill is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life.
3. Ready-to-get raw materials like corn,wheat,rice,soybean,rice husk,wheat bran,soil,plastic and so on
4. it is Able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently.
5. it has Small and light weight which make it widely used in home, small farm, and light industrial.
6. the animal feed pellet mill is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve problem in time.
7. Simple operation, easy maintenance and perfect technical design with less labor.

animal feed pellet mill is different from wood pellet mill

from the out looking aspect. animal Feed pellet mill is thinner and smaller than wood pellet mill. Generally, the highest animal feed pellet mill is about one meter and only several hundred kilograms while the smallest wood pellet mill is more than two meters and about 5.6 tons. 
from the working principle aspect, wood pellet mill and animal feed pellet mill works the same. They both work on vertical principle. However, for ring die design, there do exist differences. The biggest difference is that ring die pellet mill for making wood pellets adopts imperative feeding device. Besides, wood pellet mill adopts the centrifugal and high-efficient design. Its pressure is several times than the ordinary animal feed pellet mill.
Last, from the production aspect, wood pellet mill is nothing compared to animal feed pellet mill for its low production, heavy weight and high price. 

supplying cheap wood pellet mill for home use with small capacity

If you want to choose the suitable pellet machine, you should pay attention of these factors:
(1)  Wood Pellet Mill raw material
Any types of Agro-forestry waste and forest waste can be used for make briquettes 
Such as maize stalks, soybean stalks, broomcorn stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, peanut plants, sunflower stalks, bamboo sawdust, bagasse ,wood chips, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, jute sticks, groundnut shells, Bamboo, wood, straw dust, Mustard stalk and cotton stalks ,nutshell, coconut

(2)  for this home pellet mill 
moisture and diameter of the raw material of Pellet Mill(before raw material into the pellet machine we should confirm)
  Diameter (size) :3-5mm ( if can not meet the requirement, it will need a crusher) 
  Moisture:15-17%     (if can not meet the requirement, it will need a dryer)

(3)The final size is Dia 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,15mm etc.

2. Advantages of this wood pellet making mill
a. High efficiency and output with low energy consumption: trough its reasonable and professional design, the machine feeds and press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage. 
b.The pellets it produces are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value.
c. Movable machine with motor, creates no oily fume or pollution, of low noise.
d. Stronger and durable spare parts, such as that the roller is made by high grad complex alloy steel
e. Of various kinds of pore diameter flat die to choose.