wood pellet mill,sawdust pellet machine for making feed and burning pellets

Wood Pellet Mill with flat die is an original pellet mill machine for making burning pellets and animal feed pellets. This wood pellet mill machine is equipped with high quality die and rollers and has advanced technology. For driving system we use double motor V-belt, which is of little space occupation, uniform stress, simple structure and easy operation. Users can change motor and die to meet the needs of different production capacities and specs, thereby obtains ideal technology and economy effect.

features of wood pellet mill

1.Feeding method : this type of Flat die pellet mill machine take advatage of gravity to make the material drop into the feeder naturally.

2.Pressure:The diameter of roller is not limited by the diameter of flat die mould.
the wood pellet mill machine enlarges the space of extruder so that we can adopt big bearing to increase the power of extruding and prolong the service life.

3.Discharging method:Low rotate speed decreases the breakage rate.

4.Scope of application:This kind of straw pellet mill machine can be used in forming sawdust ,straw,rice husk,cotton stalk and other agricultural waste.

5:Requirments on raw material:Moisture content---10-12% and length of material---1-15mm

6:the wood pellet making mill has Simple struture ,easy to operate,high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Advantages of wood pellet mill

1.the sawdust pellet machine has Reliable quality of broad use, high efficiency

2. ISO, CE certification

3. 24 hours continuous running

4. Competitive price with good quality

5. Low energy consumption and less manpower

6. it has Durable spare parts

7. the wood pellet machine has Simple and automatic operation

8. the pellet mill machine is very Easy maintenance

9. Perfect technical design with less labor

10. the wood sawdust pellet mill is Stable and durable equipment function

wood pellet machine,making wood pellets for cooking use

the wood pellet machine is Widely used to press all kinds of pellet for burning use in fireplace.The final pellet is smooth, dried, clean and good smelling.
The raw material can be grain powder,straw meal,wood sawdust,cotton meal,grass meal and , barks/stalk/straw of any plants, forest waste, garden waste, fertilizer, garbage, etc.
Our pellet mill is very popular because of four-size of housing which prolong the life of the gearbox of pellet mill.

features of wood pellet machine
1.the wood pellet machine is With reasonable technology, and high capacity and low energy consumption. the biomass pellet mill can produce 200-2000 tons per hour and pellet feed per shift annually;
2.the wood pellet machine has Modular Structure: The plant is compact, occupies less floor space and has low requirement on the mill tower, and needs low investment in civil works. The containerized modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitates the shipment and installation;
3.the wood pellet making machine has Centralized control: the analogue panel is adopted. All machines can be interlocked and safety, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient;
4.Vertical feeding directly in place.
5. Die static, roller rotating, materials centrifugal, Evenly distributed around.