what should you pay attention to make biomass bio fuel pellets

raw materials for making bio fuel pellets

You can make wood or biomass pellets out of many different materials. Both softwood and hardwood are both used and produce excellent results. What's really interesting though is that it's also possible to make biomass pellets out of a wide variety of materials. Some of the possible ingredients are - switch grass, grain, corn cobs, corn stalks, paper, sawdust, distiller grain, and many others. There are many potential materials that can be used with good results. The common rule of thumb is that if you can reduce the size of your chosen biomass into granular form, you can make pellets from it.

Need to figure out moisture content.

Moisture Content is usually required for biomass pellet making machine. Generally, the ideal moisture content of the material is 15%, if lower than 15%, some water or vegetable oil will be added and mixed before production. If higher than 15%, there shall be equipped with a dryer.

The Processing of making biomass pellets

As they say, the devil is in the details. Depending on what your raw materials are, i.e. switch grass versus sawdust for instance, the "recipe" will change. We'll use dried wood as the raw material for the example that follows.

First, if the raw material is larger than 1/4", it's broken down in the hammer mill to a smaller particle size. Next, the raw fiber is either put into the pellet maker and heated with steam, pressure, a combination of both. This causes the naturally occurring lignin to plasticize and hold the pellet together after it passes through the pellet maker machine and cools down.

pelletizing biomass, bio fuel pellets with biomass pellet maker from biomass waste

what is biomass pellets?

Growing and harvesting Biomass as a biofuel for bioenergy production has experienced rapid grow in Europe over the last decade and is gaining momentum throughout the Americas. Biomass, a broadly inclusive term for any plant matter used as fuel, can be converted into energy through a wide variety of processes; from wood waste from industry for use as alternative to conventional fossil fuels by large power utilities, to smaller CHP facilities operations for use in thermal conversion.

Biomass refers to all kinds of plant and animals that have life. But for making pellets, biomass just means plant, which includes wood waste as sawdust, wood shavings, tree branches, wood chips; crop waste as wheat straw, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat bran and many other biomass wastes like peanut shell, sunflower husk, bagasse, EFB, etc.

These biomass pellets made by pellet mill contain a kind of substance called lignin. Under high temperature, the lignin in biomass will soften and melt and can adhere with the fibers. By the extruding of biomass pellet making machine roller and die, the biomass will be pressed tightly into solid pellets.

what equipment can make biomass pellets?

When you want to make pellets, you may need some equipment like hammer mill, material mixer, screw feeder, pellet machine, vibrating screen, etc. However, it is not an easy task to combine these facilities all together and place them in a limited space. Luckily, Pellet making machine has developed a new type integrated small biomass pellet plant for making biomass materials like sawdust, wood chips, straw, hay, sunflower husk, etc. into pellets fuel.

mini type pelletizing machine has ligh weight and low noise

the mini type pellet mill has a wide range of materials, such as sawdust, wood, straw, rice husk, cotton stalk, peanut shell, empty fruit branch,waste paper, cotton seed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low bonding and unformed materials and other can be making into biomass pellet without any additive.

features of mini type pelletizing machine

1, the mini feed pelletizing machine structure is simple, adaptable, small footprint, low noise.

2, powder feed, meal without (or little) can be added for granulation liquid. Therefore, the moisture content of feed pellets for the moisture content of the basic material before pelleting. More conducive to storage.

3, the mini animal feed pellet mill is high into the mechanisms of particle hardness, smooth surface, the degree of deploying more fully, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, but also kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites generally applicable to breeding rabbits, fish,ducks and test animals , than the mixed powder loaded to higher economic efficiency of feed availability.

4, the models with a variety of pore diameter 3-8mm mold, adapted to different materials, granulation, to achieve the best results.

5,the mini type pelletizing machine is adapt to different materials to ensure the suppression effect. Wood chips, corn stalks and other compression molding requires a lot of pressure, in the same granulation equipment, the stick is the center of the wheel assembly of the device components, and the use of high-quality alloy steel, stick to improve the life of the wheel.

Raw materials:rice husk,sunflower seed husk,peanut shell and other fruit shell;branch,
bark and other wood waste;a variety of corp straws,
Application area: pelletizing machine is used in the biomass-energy fuels plant,wood processing plant,fertilizer plant,etc.the pelletizing machine is the ideal pressing
shaping equipments with low investment and high profit.

Input size: 3-5mm.

Input moisture: 10-15%.

Pellet diameter:2-12 mm.

much knowledge of pellet making machine for right use

1.The animal feed pellet mill machine is made by the 38 chromium, molybdenum, aluminium which are special wear resisting, high temperature, and high moisture, tempering firstly, then mold by heating, with the advantage of the wear-resisting and long life.
2.The mini pellet mill can be stayed on the surface of the water at least for 12 hours. They are easily digested by the fish and poultry, and do not pollute the water. Compared with the powder and pellet, the bulking feed stuff can save 8%-15%.
3.The finished product pellet is with high nutrition. the pellets is suitable for the frog, aquatic product, pet fish small medium size feed stuff factory and R&D institution.4.the small feedstuff pellet machine is Vertical feeding directly in place.
5. Die static, roller rotating, materials centrifugal, Evenly distributed around.
6.Double-layer dies, up and down dual-use, reduce the cost,enhance the efficiency, can be dual-use,high capacity,energy saving.
7.One die,different hole diameters, with different specifications to pelletize.
8.Macroporous die, wire joining circular tube, increasing travel, improving density.
9.flat die tight structure,which is good for cooling the pelletizing room.
10. the pellet making machine is Independent and frequency conversion discharge device, to ensure that the rate of pellet formation.

new generation wood pellet machine to save energy

Wood pellet machine is new generation of energy-saving products,which is researched and developed by our researcher newly. the pellet mill is mainly used to compress crushed corn straw, sawdust, plant waste, bamboo powder, grass, sunflower stalk, straw, rice husk, forestry waste, wood chips, chemical waste and etc. into cylindrical shape particles. Raw material moisture is 10%~15% before enter into wood pellet machine.the pellet making machine can be configured to diesel engine or electricity motor , it is mobile flexible and simple to operate; Diesel engine, e. motor and tractor PTO shaft power is optional by customers request.
Main Advantages

we use the cold pressing molding technology and polishing integer process to ensure the machine good apperance and compact structure.

the machine can continuous working for long time, high output, low power consumption ,low noise ,low failure.

The wood biomass pellet making mill adopts special quality materials and advanced shaft driving device , the main parts is made of igh quality alloy steel adds wear-resisting material, Using German vacuum furnace heat treatment, prolong service life 5-7 times .
The main drive of our wood pellet machine adopts the high accuracy gear driving, so the output is 20% more than the belt drive.It makes gear directly-connecting as the driver, and is with quick-release die fixed by clamps, which can increase the output 15% more than the same type machine with belt-convey.
The feeder of our wood pellet machine uses variable-frequency and variable-speed motor to make sure the good quality of the pellet.

animal feed pellet machine,wood pellet mill for processing sawdust and feed pellets

the wood pellet mill is mainly applied to biomass material, make the biomass fuel pellets (wood pellet). The diameter of input materials is 2-10mm, the smaller the better. The moisture of raw materials is about 13%, the moisture of finished pellets is about 10%. The pellet mill machines can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine motor which can satisfy the different customers’ requirements.Under the advanced technology adopting automobile differential gear, the capacity of our small pellet machine is high, energy consumption is low and the operation is very convenient. Therefore the animal feed pellet machines are widely adopted in the feed factory, sugar bagasse factory, Chinese traditional medicine plant and sawdust plant.the advantages of this animal feed pellet machine are nice looking in shape, simple in structure, easy in operation and service, safe in solidity, small in volume. and light in weight etc. No special training needed and operation available through manual,The pellet press accepts the dry materials.The moisture of raw materials is not less than the national standard of 13%.

features and advantages of the pellet machine

1. the wood sawdust pellet machine is Widely used in households, farming and industries.

2. the pellet machine is Mainly suitable for producing feed pellets, fuel pellets, fertilizer pellets,etc.

3. Applied to different grains such as corn, wheat, sorghum, and any type of agro-forestry waste: crops straw, husks, vines, wood chips ,etc.

4.Energy-saving & Environment-protecting

5. gearbox warranty 5 years ,easy to use