small volume flat die pellet mill with low noise and stable performance

This flat die pellet mill has small volume,which can save the electricity with low noise and can transmission feeding speed. the pellet making machine is commonly used in home or smal poultry farm.Our machine has the characteristic as follows: structure in reason, exterior beauty, and stable pellet mill manufacturer,we make our diesel wood pellet machine can be used φ2.5, φ3, φ4, φ5, φ6, φ8 such as aperture ring mode, the user can choose according to need.Iron absorption with the security of the machine device,can prevent the production of iron impurities in the process of mixing, also equipped with a safety pin device, overload protection.the small feed pellet mill is Suitable for small and medium-sized farm for personal use or for small and medium-sized feeds manufacture

Application scope of the small flat die pellet mill:
Our small flat die pellet mill is appropriate for crude fiber compression forming, such as: straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat,straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, etc. all kinds of agricultural straws

Advantages of flat die pellet mill:

The fodder will be nearly cooked during the processing which can greatly increase the proportion of take-in nutrition.

mini feed alfalfa pellet making machine used at home with small size

Mini Feed Pellet Mill Features pellet mill has Simple to operate and clean,only 1 or 2 workers are OK.
2. Spare parts of mini feed making machine are easy to change, less cost for roller and dies.
3. The pelleting process is visible, so the alfalfa pellet making machine is convenient to solve problems in time.
4.the alfalfa pellet machine can be driven by diesel engine, this diesel flat die pellet mill can be used in nearly everywhere in the world, especially popular for areas with shortage supply of electricity.
5.the Diesel flat die pellet mill has compact structure and light weight which enable it to be moved freely and more adjustable to small pellet production.
6.the feed alfalfa pellet making machine is Equipped with high quality alloy steel roller and die by advanced craft.The visibility design of the pelletizing chamber ensures a smooth pelletizing process and timely repairing.
7.Feed and grass meal can be directly made into pellet without adding any liquid materials.The pellets size various from dia2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm to 8mm for different kinds of animals.

Mini Feed Pellet Mill Process

Firstly, put materials into the feeder and let them fall down onto a set of rotating rollers over the die; then, the materials will be compressed between the surface of die and the rotating rollers, while pellets coming out of the die they will be cut into set length by a sharp knife. The temperature is about 70°C in process, so the protein freezes, the nutritional value increases and is easy to absorbed for animals, pellets inside is ripening and outside slippy, rigid enough, suitable for long-term storage.

biomass energy pellet mill for making pellets with wood,straw,grains

This type biomass energy pellet mill is mainly used for make pellets for wood, straw, cotton stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo, empty fruit branch, pulverized coal and waste paper. This wood pellet mill with the advantage of closely structure, easily operation, stable performance, the pressed pellets with high density, high fuel value, low moisture, low ash content. The gearbox is running by high precision gears. The gearbox and main shaft automatic recycling oil adding is realized by hydraulic oil inputting system.
The flat die type biomass pellet mill works on vertical principle. The raw material is put into the hopper from above, and then it drops down into the pelletizing area. The die is stationery while rollers are rotating. When falling into this area, materials will naturally be compressed into pellet between rollers and die through the die holes.

Features of Wood Pellet Machines for Sale

1. The wood pellet making machine can be powered by both diesel engine and Emotor. We adopt the new design of direct Connection of motor shaft and the main shaft that overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time Using.
2. The diesel eingine with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed. the wood pellet machine is still for the belt to drive the main shaft.
3. The biomass pellet making machine can run smoothly with few noises. This machine is situable for making oil cake for the feedstuff. the pellet making machine can also make feed pellet for the fish, chicken.

machine used for making wood pellets with small size and light weight

This serious of wood pellet machine is mainly used for making the wood pellets applies for raw material like wood waste or agricultural waste, such as corn/wheat/rice straw, coffee/peanut shell, etc. The pellets are used as fuels in electricity-generating and water –heating in power plant industry, boiler factories, etc.the machine for making wood pellets adopt the imperative feeding device, reinforced conveyed parts, dedicated ring die, compression roller and hoop.
Features of Our Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine:

1.Flat die wood pellet machine has durable operation with high quality.
2.The wood pellet machines adopted the techonology from Germany,whih special design reduce the space between the die and the rollers a lot, the lifetime of the die and rollers lengthened a lot.
3.Because of the high pressure and stable operation, our wood pelletizer machine can make good density pellets without bond.

4.wood pellet making machine is used to make pellet as burning material instead of coal, it can also applied to make kinds animal feed, fertilizer, compound fertilizer low temperature pelleting
5.wood pellet machine is particular to make pellet for wood sawdust,rice hust,weed,crop stalk,cotton stalk,home wastage and worn out plastic and the factory reject6.the machine for making wood pellets the roller adopt "Tape Roller". It is our unique advantage, to avoid dislocation friction between rooler and die ,so that energy consumption reduced, high capacity. The material are pressed by 3 rollers at one time, when you increase 1 more roller, so the output improved.