what raw materials do you use to make fuel pellets

fuel pellets are becoming more and more popular which is cheap and renewable than coal,gas and so on.so wood pellet mill is also more and more favorite by most of people.
Wood pellets are currently the most popular form of biomass fuel pellets. They are produced from shaving and sawdust from the wood processing industry. There are vast resources of wood currently unused that could be processed into wood pellets Wood pellets are very popular due to their low ash content and corrosive properties.

Energy crops is a collective term for biomass that is grown specifically to be turned into energy, this includes converting the crops to pellets. Some examples of energy crops are Miscanthus, Reed Canary Grass, Switch Grass,and more. Energy crops are becoming popular as high yields can be obtained.

Food Crop Residues

When food crops are harvested there are residues that are left over from the process, for example straw. This includes Wheat Straw, Barley Straw, Corn Stalks and more. Turning food crop residues into fuel pellets could have benefits in producing cheaper food and fuel, while keeping food and fuel separate.

if you would like to  have one own small biomass pellet machine,we, as a professional pellet mill manufacture, will supply you best equipment,service and solutions.

wood pelletizing machine is a biomass energy molding equipment

Wood pelletizing machine is a biomass energy molding equipment, this wood pelletizing machine can make beautiful appearance, good size of finished pellets, The pellets made by this biomass pelletizer are easy to store and transportated for its high density and homogeneous size,which is easy to use for the high heat value and full burning, you can both use it yourself and for sale because the technical indicators of the pellets have reached the international standard. You can choose such a pellet mill for home use making wood pellets so that you can make pellet fuel at home and use them for heating or cooking or sell the redundant to the neighbors, If you want set up your own pellet business, you can purchase wood pelletizing machine for commercial use and make a plan of your business so you can profit with this efficient machine.

As stated pellet density is crucial to the value of the pellets produced, however many pellet mills, particularly using most straw pellet mill to make fuel pellets with high density. Without sufficient density the pellets break apart during storage and movement. This creates fines (pellet dust) and this dust can block up the pellet stove or boiler and also increase the amount of ash produced from the fuel pellets.

select a homemade pellet mill for making good pellets

select a  home use pellet mill for making good pellets

wood pellet business is  creating extremely quick. The fast improvement tends to make pellet mill or the wood pellet making machine more and more popular to most of the people all through the planet. wood pellet have been regarded as to be ideal in comparison with the fossil fuels. wood pellet mill has advantages of functions higher capability, reduced costs and low consumption. when you have a little farm family, then you definitely may think about utilizing a home made pellet mill. This machine can convert your living waste into combustible pellets which you are able to use for heating.
For you to make the wood pellets in your house, you would have to have your pellet mill and a few raw materials. Biomass such as corn stalks, straws, wood, leaves and grass clippings can be used as the raw materials for pelletizing.
                                                     diesel type home use pellet mill
                                               electric type homemade wood pellet mill

difference between ring die wood pellet mill and flat die pellet mill

Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

Compared with ring die
wood pellet mill, the flat die pellet mills are applied to small and medium sized production which requires lower hourly output and the materials with large adhesive force. Also, flat die pellet mill has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, flat die pellet making machine is of low energy consumption, greater mobility, so it is suitable for small scale family workshop, but not for large-scale operation in enterprises and factories. Low output, low pressure, bad final pellet forming shape are disadvantages of flat die wood pellet mill. What’s more, the removing of spare part is indeed a troublesome thing.so flat die sawdust pellet mill is most suitable for small scale and home use

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Ring die pellet mills are of vertical structure and they combine with the flat die
biomass pellet mill vertical feeding method. The original circle structure of ring die pellet press is specially designed for those wood materials like gum wood, palm which are hard to press. Because the proportion of the materials is light, so vertical feeding method is selected. In addition, due to the nice stability of circle structure ring die pellet mills, thus the design adopts combination of ring die and flat die.

diesel wood pelletizer mill unique features

wood pellet mill is mainly applied to biomass material, make the biomass fuel pellets (wood pellet). The diameter of input materials is 2-6mm, the smaller the better. The moisture of raw materials is about 13--17%, The pellet machine can be both with motor and diesel engine can satisfy the different customers' requirements.
Under the advanced technology adopting automobile differential gear, the capacity of our wood pellet mill has advantages of low energy consumption and the operation is very convenient. Therefore the
wood pellet making machine are widely adopted in the feed factory, sugar bagasse factory, Chinese traditional medicine plant and sawdust plant.

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill Unique Features
1.the wood pellet mill is driven by a diesel engine makes wood pellets production available especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity.
wood straw pellet mill is equipped with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed.
3.Visible chamber design makes the pelleting process clear and visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
4,Adopt screw-center adjusting pressure structure which makes flat die pellet mill more practical.
With adjustable compression rate, the flat die pellet mill can meet different pelletizing requirements and is available to press coarse materials.
Small and lightweight, making small-scale production possible.
5.Diesel wood pellet mill is of simple structure, high capacity, low energy consumption and easy operation.

                                                  electric wood pellet making machine
                                                             diesel wood pellet mill

more and more popular animal feed pellet mill

Feed pellet mill is popular for its ruggedness and flexibility.This animal feed pellet mill is movable and easy operation. It is suitable for home use and small or big enterprises to produce animal feed, and organic/inorganic fertilizer. It can be worked by diesel engine or electric motor.

Features of feed pellet machine:
1. the pellet mill has wide production range, we could get it to pellet from biomass we could find now such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut shell, rice husk and straw.
2.The density of the pellet could be 1100 kg/m³.
3.Compression ratio of the nib. As the different material has different stacking density and lignose, the nibshould be adjusted to get the best molding result. We have done more experiments to get the more suitablecurrent die specification. For general material, it should be the best , but we could adjust the compression ratio according to the material if the customer has got the low production.
4.pellet in high density and good appearance
5.no pollution and environment friendly;easy and simple operation;high forming rate
6.The quality of pellets, the productivity, energy consumption, pellet production efficiency and reliability, all these
7.The dies of flat die pellet mill have two types of designs, one is stationery rollers with rotating die and stationary die with roller rotating.

how to choose an electric wood pellet mill

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
▷The pellet mill machine can suppress biomass pellets( sawdust, forestry wastes, crops straw, grain husks) and grain feed pellets.
▷it has flexible design of driven or stationary pellet roller and die,compact structure, good appearance.
▷the wood pellet making mill is suitable to medium, small size wood pellet plants or family for commercial heating or warming.
▷Pellet production need no chemical, glue or other additives.
▷High pellet output, low energy consumption, low noise and breakdown rate, economic and durable.
how to choose wood pellet mill
Firstly, the simple design of the flat die pellet mill are occupied very much less space than ring die pellet mill. such small home use pellet mill can be transported very conveniently and more flexible to small scale pellets production plant.

Secondly, pelletizing process is visibility for flat die pellet machine. through viewing whole pelleting process within the chamber you”ll discover accurately what the genuine trouble is and solve it quickly whenever problems happen.

Thirdly, Flat die pellet maker can be driven by electricity motor also can be driven by diesel engine motor. You can have double choice as per your local electricity condition. If you’re going to choose electric flat die pellet press, make sure you have enough power capacity in the pelletizing location.

what influent a pellet maker price

what influent a pellet maker price.using a pellet maker is an economical way to replace your fuel reserves becuase the pellets can save money for you from many aspects.pellets are turned from waste. Pellet fuel is the ideal fuel for home use warming and cooking and industrial use, and its price doesn't undulate like the price of fuel and natural gas. But there are a lot of people thinnk it is expensive to buy a biomass pellet mill, and then they will look for low price pellet maker online.

There is one thing you should know that affect the pellet maker price is the production capacity and its quality. The higher the production capacity ,the more that it will cost. You will find the cost very affordable if you are looking for a
home use pellet mill. Sometimes the second hand pellet mill is also good if the manufacture is reliable. The pellet maker price will not decide the performance . You will have to prepare for a large amount of money if you want start a big pellet mill plant for commercial use. And if you own a small farm or would like to make pellets at home for family use, a small homemade pellet mill will be the best choice.

the other factor that affects small capacity home use pellet mill price is the work entailed in designing and manufacturing the pellet mills. For the pellets mills to be designed, a lot of hard work and dedication is required to make it effectively. This in turn makes the manufacturers price the pellet mills slightly higher.

think twice when buying cheap animal feed pellet mill

think twice when buying cheap animal feed pellet mill
Pellet Mill Produced by Reputed Manufacturer:Just as when we buy in the supermarket, we would believe in the machine with a good brand and quality. The manufacturer is also very vital for a animal feed pellet mill. Good reputation supplier can provide reliable products. What's more, a best animal feed pellet mill made by good manufacturer also have a longer working life. So it still can work really well despite the fact that it has been used for even 3-4 years.

Check and Test: After you are pleased with the vendor of the pellet mill and you would like to buy the animal feed pellet mill from a flat die pellet mill manufacturer you should come to check and test the machine carefully. If it is Ok , but guarantee its inside of structure is not destroyed, particularly the condition of die and roller. If it still looks good, then ask the seller to run the pellet mill to check out if the pellet mill canproduce good quality pellets

How much time has the feed pellet making mill been used? It is very essential to find out the service time of the pellet machine for all machines have a limited service life no matter how good they are. Try your best to know the production date of the pellet mill from the signs or papers. If it has been used for too many years, and then you should directly turn down it. Although it is very cheap, however, the operation is cheap too. Worse still, it may even distressed you for it may go wrong during the process, making this even really expensive for you have to pay for the maintenance.

we manufacture two kinds of feed pellet mill

we manufacture two kinds of feed pellet mill. One is 9KLP series feed

pellet mill which have small capacity with small electricity consumption

and small size which is suitable for home use or small poultry farm to

make their own feed pellets.It can be made very small out of the

consideration of technology. Now we introduce some features

of flat die
pellet mill.

1.The flat die feed pellet mill can press 2-8mm diameter animal feed

pellets. Animal feed materials such as grain, soybean,maize etc.
flat die feed pellet mill is handled by CNC machine, the die and

rollers are handled by heat treatment, which increase the using life time
3.Moisture content is very important as well, the moisture range of raw materials for proper pelletizing is between 15-17 percent. If the material is green wood, the moisture content is too

high, usually up to 60 percent. It will need to be dried, either

naturally or mechanically with a drier. Using a drier can be very costly,

and proper calculation should be given about whether pelletizing high

moisture material is worth the added expense of drying.

using straw pellet mill to make fule pellets for cooking

as developed, people would like to recycle waste into green energy, especially crops waste,most of poeple would like to turn them into useful materials.With straw pellet mill, the farmers not only can get benefit from it but also make fue pellets by themselves for their house warming or cooking.

our straw
biomass pellet mill use the extrusion pressure between the roller and the flat die, and use the friction between the raw material and the die holes. The diameter of the final straw pellet is 6--30mm, the length can be adjusted automatically according to your demand. such a straw pellet mill is basde on crop straw as the main raw materials like corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, sawdust and so on.

Actually, this kind of straw pellet mill is designed on the base of flat die pellet machine. This
sawdust pellet mill is a special equipment of compressing above such materials into blocks. Straw briquette machine is used in compressing biomass stem class, also known as biomass briquette machine.

This pellet machine has several characteristics:

1. it has vertical die, feeding vertically; No arching of raw materials, easy for heating dissipation
2. die fixed, rollers rotating ,materials centrifugal ,evenly distributed around

3.such a pellet mill also can make animal feed pellets,so many poultry farmers also use this feed pellet mill make to make feed pellets
3. Independent lubrication; high pressure filtration, clean and unlocked.
4. this straw pellet mill is adopted independent and frequency changeable cutting device, ensure formation rate of pellets.

                                                              straw biomass pellet mill
                                                          flat die straw pellet mill

electric flat die feed pellet mill features

Electric Feed Pellet Mill Inroduction

Electric Feed Pellet Mill is an ideal pelletizing machine mainly used for small-scale production of animal  feed pellets, grain feed factory,small poultry farm.the feed pelletizer is riven by electric motor makes it more energy-saving and environmental friendly.

Electric Feed Pellet Mill Features

1.The flat die pellet mill is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life
2.The pelleting process is visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
3.Electric feed flat die pellet mill can process various kinds of solid grain into small feed pellets for animals like fish, shrimps, chicken, rabbit, pig, etc.
4.Spare parts are easy to change, less cost for roller and dies.
5.the pellet machine is very easy to operate, and the staff training course is much easier.

Application of animal feed:

--animal feed pellet size: 2mm—20mm

--application: cow, horse, chicken, rabbit, fish etc

5- Requirements for making the pellet:

--size of material: powder or granule (size smaller than 1cm)

--moisture of raw material: 10%

--raw material can be mixture of different kinds, but evenly mixed

--no adhesive or chemical

what kind of features does a feed pellet mill have

Long service life
the feed pellet mill is adopted gear type main driving ,high transmission efficiency

Wide applicable
it is applicable in poultry feed ,aqua feed,grass feed etc.

High quality feed
Rely on professional technology and high quality machining,resulting in our pellte mill feed has good shape,uniform length and high pellet forming rate.


1. its main driving is high accuracy gearbox and high output.
2 .the pellet equipment has high efficiency driving, stable and low noise.
3.Fully stainless steel enlarged conditioner ensures good cooking effect.
4.Permanent magnet is available. *International advance steam fittings and imported pressure reduction valve.
5. We have improved models for wood pellet making machine specially and we improved machines according to European standard and requirement, with closed house to cover motor, CE electrical parts & insolated protective plate for the electrical panel.
6. now this pellet mill also can process the all kinds of sawdust. Paddy straw, sunflower stalk, forestry wastes, Wood chips, chemical and many other wastes or solid powder material.
7. the feed pellet mill also can be driven by diesel engine and Emotor for your options.

analysis and advantages of a small feed pellet mill

a small pellet mill is used to make animal feed pellets mainly used at home or small poultry far or small business. Before wood pellet fuel, the main use of a small pellet machine was for the animal feed industry. this is the smallest feed pellet mill which has capacity of 30--50kg/h,so it is most suitable for being used at home.it is simple,easy to operate, high cost performance .The motor for this feed pellet mill could be single phase, or 3 phases.

the small feed pellet making machine is used to produce the feeds, the raw materials varies as to the poultry’s different period of growing, your animal or fish couldn’t be able to be picky on the feed, on one hand, the feed cost is reduced, on the other hand, the nutrition matter taken in by the animal is more comprehensive.

The advantage is its small yield and small size,so very suitable for home use,but if you try to add too much raw material into the machine within a short time, the machine could jam and stop working, the main reason is the animal feed pellet mill has a small engine, the overload working could do damage to the engine, and as a result the service life of the machine is shortened.

what kind of pellets does a pellet mill can make?

what kind of pellets a pellet mill can make depends on the pellet press you have. in generally speaking,There are flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.today we focus on the flat die pellet making machine,because it is used widely and least investment and easiest to use at home or small business.

If you have a small pellet mill with flat die rotating over top of a stationary rollers, you most likely have a feed pellet mill. if you have a pellet machine with roller rotating over top of a stationary flat die.then the pellet mill is multifunctional. this type pellet mill can make include sawdust, wood chips(1/4" or less is best), cardboard, newspaper, leaves, grass, soy plant, corn stalk, switch grass, hay, alfalfa, manure and so much more. It makes harder materials such as wood chips or saw dust into pellets much quicker and less effort than a feed mill. this type pellet mill will of course make soft and feed material into pellets easily as well. Because it is geared lower than the feed pellet mill, it will be a little lower of an output. If you want to be able to process wood or all kinds of materials, this is the best choice.now you understand pellet mill function-what a pellet mill can do ? at beginning, we talked there are flat die and ring die pellet mills,if you run a small business or a small poultry farm,using flat die pellet mill is much better choice.

pellet mill function-what a pellet mill can do

Flat die pellet mill is developed on the basis of flat die feed pellet mill. Compare to wood pellet mill for making heating pellets, pelletizing large volume but low density raw materials like corn meal,wheat meal,rice husk,oil cake and etc require lower pressure. With an electric engine you can precisely adjust the speed of pellet machine die or roller by the transmission of gear-boxes which is connected to the motor. In this way, you can perfectly control wood pellet quality. Our biomass pellet press can process various biomass materials into pellets for green fuel and animal bedding.
Electric feed pellet making machine plays an irreplaceable role in making small amount wood pellets for family or small plant use. Biomass raw materials at or around your home like wood scraps, leaves, grass clippings, yard waste, wood shavings, etc. all can be applied to process biomass pellets. Collecting these biomass materials for fuel is really a great way to use up waste that you may throw away. Why not turn these wastes into valuable fuel?
The first design of feed pellet machine to be used was the flat die pellet machine, developed at the start of the 20th century to process animal feeds pellet. This design of feed pellet machine was based on a vertical design, where material fell onto a roller section sat on the surface of a horizontally mounted die. Material was then compressed through the die, and pellets fell from the bottom of the die.

why not use feed pellet mill to make your own chicken feed pellets

The small home use pellet press is one of the most popular pellet mill which is used to produce poultry pellets and are the most commonly used. This particular pellet press needs a steady workplace and abundant raw materials to operate well.  when you have small poultry farm,if you buy from the market animal feed pellets,which are very expensive,then why  not use a feed pellet mill to make your own pellets for your chickens? thus can save your money and recycling your waste like grass,leaf,corn,oil cake and so on. 

The feed pellet mill is designed using the latest technology for accurate and maximum output. The pellet diameter ranges from 3 mm to 12mm,production capacity can vary with the type of material and various other factors.

Various pelleting application include Poultry / Cattle feed Pellets, Organic Fertilizers Pellets Plastic Waste Pellets, Manure Pellets, biomass fuel pellets etc.
We offer animal feed pellet mill which are capable of producing pellets of diameters ranging from 3 mm die to 12 mm die.

straw pellet mill with high quality and effeciency

Straw Pellet Mill:
Our Pellet Mill is mainly used for making crude fiber materials into pellets. The materials can be sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds and crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials. It may also be applicable to biological fertilizer, organic manure as well as fertilizer for low-temperature granulation.

The PM series straw pellet mill( https://www.pelletizermill.com/straw_pellet_machine.htm ) (flat die straw pellet mill) can make fecula into paste. The inner granule is cooked and fully penetrating, and is not easy to go moldy and degenerative. Then it can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function. Flat die pellet mill also can shorten the period of feeding, so this flat die pellet mill can efficiently guarantee many users' productive cost.

application of grass pellet mill

1. Introducing of grass pellet mill
This grass pellet mill s suitable for making the biomass, sawdust pellet, etc. It has been installed with the electrical control box. It also can make the oil cake for the feedstuff, which it could be granule /pellet for the fish, chicken, animal, etc.

Before our pellet mill mainly make the feedstuff pellets from more grains powder or agriculture straw. With the biomass fuel become more popular, we improved the main parts, which is more suitable for making the sawdust pellets better. Now it could process more kinds of sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, hulls, forestry wastes, wood chips, chemical waste and many other wastes or solid powder materials.

2. working principle of grass pellet mill
The raw material is under dried condition, which is compressed, and formed into small eraser-sized bits, the final pellets is clean, pleasant and smooth, and its density is more than 1.0 g/m3

3. Application

the grass pellet mill is designed to process wide range of materials such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut, shell, rice husk, etc. into biomass pellets without any additive

then how the grass pellet mill works? and except it can make grass pellets, can it make wood sawdust, or animal feed?

grass pellet mill for making fuel pellets

For a long time,wood pellets have been the main fuel pellets. However, there is now a lot of research being carried out into grass fuel developments. Grass pellet mills tend to process materials which are soft, or we can say the density is lower. While wood pellet mill are more suitable to deal with wood and other hard material. But they both process biomass materials,
multifunctional pellet mill

Grass pellet mills can pellet all kinds of grass to make pellets as fuel.They are featured by compact structure and large capacity Compared with wood pellet  grass pellet mills do not need a high cost,wood price is increasing all the time as a result of scarcity, since wood is made from forests. With the concept of forest protection, wood pellet making mill is faced with a shortage of raw materials. Grass are mainly a byproduct of agriculture. Grass like weeds, can be processed into pellets as fuel.As a result, it not only make use of waste materials,but also reduce pollution.This condition just  matches modern concept of environmental protection and energy saving. 

As for people who are interested in investing to biomass pellet industry, grass pellet mill will be an ideal option because of the facile raw material and good performance. It is very convenient for people to start grass pellet making. The only thing you need to do is obtain your grass pellet mill machine.

animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed,duck feed,cattle feed

The feed pellet mill  is designed using the latest technology for accurate and maximum output. The pellet diameter ranges from 3 mm to 12mm,production capacity can vary with the type of material and various other factors.

Various pelleting application include Poultry / Cattle feed Pellets, Organic Fertilizers Pellets Plastic Waste Pellets, Manure Pellets, biomass fuel pellets etc.
We offer animal feed pellet mill which are capable of producing pellets of diameters ranging from 3 mm die to 12 mm die.
Front door, Feed chute and conditioners are made of SS 304 - grade stainless steel for long life.
Feed chute is equipped with a magnet to arrest the ferrous material by going in to pelleting chamber.
Both the pullies are dynamically balanced along with the die assembly.

Flat Die animal feed Pellet Mill Features
1. Electric animal feed  pellet mill is driven by electric motor which makes it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
2. The flat die pellet mill is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life.
3. Ready-to-get raw materials like corn,wheat,rice,soybean,rice husk,wheat bran,soil,plastic and so on
4. it is Able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently.
5. it has Small and light weight which make it widely used in home, small farm, and light industrial.
6. the animal feed pellet mill is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve problem in time.
7. Simple operation, easy maintenance and perfect technical design with less labor.

animal feed pellet mill is different from wood pellet mill

from the out looking aspect. animal Feed pellet mill is thinner and smaller than wood pellet mill. Generally, the highest animal feed pellet mill is about one meter and only several hundred kilograms while the smallest wood pellet mill is more than two meters and about 5.6 tons. 
from the working principle aspect, wood pellet mill and animal feed pellet mill works the same. They both work on vertical principle. However, for ring die design, there do exist differences. The biggest difference is that ring die pellet mill for making wood pellets adopts imperative feeding device. Besides, wood pellet mill adopts the centrifugal and high-efficient design. Its pressure is several times than the ordinary animal feed pellet mill.
Last, from the production aspect, wood pellet mill is nothing compared to animal feed pellet mill for its low production, heavy weight and high price. 

supplying cheap wood pellet mill for home use with small capacity

If you want to choose the suitable pellet machine, you should pay attention of these factors:
(1)  Wood Pellet Mill raw material
Any types of Agro-forestry waste and forest waste can be used for make briquettes 
Such as maize stalks, soybean stalks, broomcorn stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, peanut plants, sunflower stalks, bamboo sawdust, bagasse ,wood chips, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, jute sticks, groundnut shells, Bamboo, wood, straw dust, Mustard stalk and cotton stalks ,nutshell, coconut

(2)  for this home pellet mill 
moisture and diameter of the raw material of Pellet Mill(before raw material into the pellet machine we should confirm)
  Diameter (size) :3-5mm ( if can not meet the requirement, it will need a crusher) 
  Moisture:15-17%     (if can not meet the requirement, it will need a dryer)

(3)The final size is Dia 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,15mm etc.

2. Advantages of this wood pellet making mill
a. High efficiency and output with low energy consumption: trough its reasonable and professional design, the machine feeds and press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage. 
b.The pellets it produces are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value.
c. Movable machine with motor, creates no oily fume or pollution, of low noise.
d. Stronger and durable spare parts, such as that the roller is made by high grad complex alloy steel
e. Of various kinds of pore diameter flat die to choose. 

wood pellet mill manufacturer/cheap pellet mill prie

These type pellet mill is flat die design. Flat die pellet mill works on a vertical design, using gravity as the main force for feeding the material. Flat die pellet mill have a horizontal die and two or three rollers sitting on the die. When material goes in from the top feed inlet, it is compressed between the rollers and die.

The advantages of flat die pellet mill:
1. flat die pellet mill is simple to operate and clean, only 1 or 2 workers are OK.
2. the spare parts of flat die are easy to change, less cost for roller and dies.
3. the pelleting process is visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
4. it is drived by electric motor, the flat die pellet press is of low noise and no pollution.
5.the pellet mill price is low and cheap.

what do we have as a pellet mill manufacturer
2.The customers can make the satisfied products by choosing the different Aperture and compression ratio to gain the fine technology and high economic profit . 

3.The pellet fuel is a kind of clean and regenerative energy . So it is easy to produce, packing , store and transfer .  And also this machine is easy to operate and maintenance . 

for more details,welcome to visit our company web: http://www.pelletizermill.com/

wood plleting machie price/qualified wood pellet presss machine

the raw materials for wood pelleting machine
 a. size of raw materials: powder or no longer than 1cm
 b. moisture content of raw materials: 18-23%
 c. raw materials for wood pelleting machine can be the mixture of 2 or more than 2 kinds different materials, they must be evenly mixed.
 d. no adhesive or chemicals need in the processing
Applications of the biomass fuel
1. Home heating stoves
2. Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers,
3. Biomass power plants and so on.

How to choose the suitable Pellet Mill  :

If you want to choose the suitable pellet mill, you should pay attention of these factors:

1.  raw material ( because different material will need different machines)

2.Any types of Agroforestry waste and forest waste can be used for make briquettes Such as maize stalks, 
soybean stalks, broomcorn stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, peanut plants, sunflower stalks, bamboo sawdust, 
bagasse , wood chips, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, jute sticks, groundnut shells, Bamboo, wood, straw dust, 
Mustard stalk and cotton stalks ,nutshell, coconut.
3.paying attention to the wood pellet machine price,there are two types fat die pellet mill,one is flat die rotates, roller is fixed, the other is roller rotates,flat die is fixed. they have different prices.
welcome to contact us for these wood pellet mill prices list

wood pellet machine price is cheap

Introduction of wood pellet machine

this wood pellet machine can be used for making waste materials into solid fuel. The objects are used for burning purposes. Wood pellet can be made from any type of agro-forestry waste: groundnut shell, sugarcane bio-gases, caster shells/stalk, saw dust, coffee husk, paddy straw,cotton stalks, tea waste, wheat straw, palm husk, soybeans husk, rice husks, forestry wastes, wood chips and many other agro wastes.

Wood Pellet Machine Application:

1.Wood pellet Machine is widely used for maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, corn,wheat,rice,soybean,oil cake,fish bone power etc.

2.This wood pellet making machine is also suitable for raw materials which are difficult to form with low bonding ratio.

3.the wood pellet machine price for sale is cheap which is suitable for small family use.

Wood Pellet Machine Excellent Features:

1.During the working process, the input material temperature could reach to 80-100C, so the material like to be cooked then promote the taste, and also after cooling, the output feed could become strong and firm for better chewing feeling.

2.During the pelletizing, the grain and soybean's pancreatin resistance factor could be reduced, and also kill the parasite ovum, so it will be good for health and digest.

3.The pelletizing could greatly enhance the usage ratio of the traditional feed.so the wood pellet mill can make cost saving, energy saving.

alfalfa pellet machine for animal feed

this alfalfa pellet machine is a new generation of energy-saving products,researched and developed by our researcher newly. this pellet maker machine is mainly used to compress crushed corn straw,grass,straw,rice husk and wood chips etc.into cylindrical particles.
the alfalfa pellet machine is adopted bipolar speed adjusting,and have the characteristics of low power consumption,reasonable structure,economic and durable.

Working Principle of alfalfa pellet machine
Series of flat die alfalfa pellet machine is based on circular movements, motor-driven, which is driven by pulley to the spindle and the flat transmission mode, under the influence of the friction, pressure roller rotation, the pressure roller and laminated create friction between the temperature, powder material by high temperature gelatinization and protein coagulation degeneration, in the squeeze roller, the discharge from the die hole, through the adjustment of the cutter can be the required length of particles in the feed tray will be made by the rejection of particles by the discharge
1.For feedstuff use:

The compressed straw piece is suitable to be used as fuels and feedstuff of animals, such 

as horse, sheep, deer, pig, chicken, etc. Such machines are suitable for large farms, and 

organic herbal medicine and chemical industry etc.

2.For wood pellets use:

This series flat die alfalfa pellet mill can be used 
for producing wood pellets and biomass pellets, too. Wood pellets are made of all kinds 
of biomass waste like peanut sheller, corn stalk and other biomass materials. 

professional wood pellet making machine/wood pelleting machine

Our Flat Die Wood Pellet Making Machine is newly developed energy-saving equipment. The finished products are smooth in surface and shapely in posture. Its hardness is closely to European standard. Pellet fuel is convenient in the process of manufacturing, packing, storing and transporting as a clean renewable energy. This kind of Wood Pelleting machine is easy to operate and maintain with lower price
1.the wood pellet making machine can Process a wide range of hardwood, pine, bamboo sawdust, peanut shells, rice husk, straw and other biomass feedstocks could find, particles can be made without any additives.

2.Gearbox of the wood pelleting machine is with multi-stage gear, the gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, the surface is carburized by grinding fine processing, transmission smooth, low noise, large carrying capacity, the temperature rise few, long life.

3.the wood pellet press Spindle, the platen roller shaft, spindle bearing, the platen roller bearing all increase, can withstand loads up to the original than doubled.

4.this kind of wood pellet making machine Adopt large diameter pressure rollers, large output, granulation rate increase, uniform particles, pellet with high strength.

5.By changing the form of arrangement of the flat die bore, increasing the contact area of flat die with the pressure roller, can greatly reduce the wear speed of the flat die, to improve the life of the flat die.

wood pellet making machine

wood pellet press

Scope of application:

Our Small Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill is appropriate for crude fibre compression forming, such as: maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, etc. all kinds of agricultural straws, house refuse, waste plastic and wastes in factory. such wood pellet machine is also suitable for raw materials which are difficult to form with low bonding ratio. Furthermore, organic bacterial manure, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are applicable to pelletize under low temperature.

Advantages of our Small Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill:

1. Reliable quality of broad use, high efficiency
2. 24 hours continuous running
3. Competitive price with good quality
4. Low energy consumption and less manpower
5. Durable spare parts
6. Simple and automatic operation
7. Easy-understanding manual
8. the price of wood pellet mill for sale is cheap but with high quality

           home use wood pellet mill making your own pellets

wood pellet machine price/wood pellet making machine

1.Simple Description of the wood pellet Machine
1. this wood pellet machine can produce flat-mode suppression of biomass particles.
2. The wood pellet machine using cold forming technology and cosmetic polishing process. It has beautiful appearance and compact structure.
3. this wood pellet making machine has high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, fatigue and strong machine, continuous production, economic and durable.
4. The whole pelletizing machine uses a special high-quality material and advanced with shaft drive, the key components of high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistant material, the use of German vacuum furnace heat treatment, to extend the service life 5-7years.
2. Working principle:
1. knead, cut and crush the biomass into pieces with the size of 3~30mm, and the moisture content within the prescribed scope.
2. Then use the feeding machine to transport materials to the extrusion forming machine,
3. Through the Inverter control cabinet control the in-feed amount and through the raw material water content and in-feed amount control product density.
3. Structure characteristics
1.Forming die is equipped with heating pipe. the wood pellet making machine is heated through the electrical, and control and check whether in forming die achieve the required temperature through the digital temperature control instrument, so the problem that forming die temperature is too low can be solved.
2.Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
3.Extrusion wheel and forming die clearance is adjusted by the triangle gear on the  eccentric shaft, this kind of design can ensure the most appropriate clearance  between the extrusion wheel and forming die, and improves productivity.
4. During the feeding, the machine is equipped with magnet group, which can prevent ferrous material from feeding into the mouth.
5.the wood pellet machine price for sale is reasonable and low.

      flat die wood pellet making machine with alloy rollers

high quality wood pellet mill for sale with low price

high quality wood pellet mill for sale with low price

1.wood pellet mill for sale can press biomass such as sawdust, straw and rice husk pellet
2.wood pellet mill is adopted cold pressing molding technology, polishing process. Beautiful appearance, compact structure.
3.wood pellet machine high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low mistakes, strong machine fatigue resistance, can produce continuously, good using.
4.The wood pellet machine for sale adopts special high quality materials and advanced even shaft driving device, the key components are high quality alloy steel with wear-resisting material, using German vacuum heat treatment furnace, will span the working life to five to seven times.
5. wood pellet mill/machine feed pellet mill/machine can make biomass pellets as burning fuel and make animal feed, fertilizers for farm use the engine can be changed into both diesel engine or tractor PTO. Very convenient to operate.
6. wood pellet mill for sale price is reasonable low price good for home use
7.Our SKJ250 CE approved wood pellet mill/machine feed pellet mill/machine have a 500kg weight, this make sure it working smoothly.
8. wood pellet mill/machine feed pellet mill/machine readuce the frication, this make sure it has a long working life

9. wood pellet mill/machine feed pellet mill/machine is hot selling more than 20000 sets per year , welcome to ask me if you would like to sell it in local place or for personal use, we have special discount for larger quantity order.