500kg/h small scale animal feed pellet mill for small poultry to make pelleted feed

small scale pellet mill is best pellet machinery which configures a motor of 15kw,but it is three-phase electricity of 380V.if your electricity is not 380V,our engineer will make a good modification for your use. In the granulation process the forage pellet mill is not necessary to add any water or drying, by the natural temperature of 70 degrees the feed pellet making machine working process. making starch gelatinization and particle maturation can be long-termed stored

Features of the animal feed pellet machine :

1. The gear box of the pellet making machine is made from high quality grey cast iron, which will make the machine give out smaller noise and have good shock absorption

2. Instead of belt and worm wheel transmission, the small scale pellet mill machine applies bevel gear transmission which has higher efficiency, longer useful life and avoids slipping of the belts.

3. The shell has reinforcing rid which strengthened the shell and avoids breakage of the shell during functioning.

4. Roller and the die are made from high quality alloy steel with 58-62HRC hardness

5. The 500kg/h small scale pellet mill machine has perfect Compression Ratio and die hole structure for wood pellet making

model 180 feed pelleting machine with production yield 300kg/h

model 180 feedstuff pellet machine is a medium-capacity machine with a capacity 150–200kg/h with simple structure and light weight, so it is very easy to operate and high movability to make fish feed pellet.fish feed pellet equipment is divided into ring die pellet making machine and flat die pellet machine.According to the use can be divided into: small household of pellet machine, poultry feed pellet machine, small pellet feed macine in poultry, and fish feed pellet equipment, cattle feed pellet machine, pig feed pellet machine, straw pellet machine;

the Feed Pellet Machine can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm ,Animal Feed Pellet Machine is drived by electric motor.To make final Pellet diameter: 3-6mm

Features of feed pellet machine:

1. the pellet mill has Wide production range, we could get pellet from biomass,grains,straw,stalk,wood sawdust and so on we could find now such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut shell, rice husk and straw.

2.The density of the finished pellet could be 1100 kg/m³.

3.Compression ratio of the nib. As the different material has different stacking density and lignose, the nib should be adjusted to get the best molding result. We have done more experiments to get the more suitable current die specification. For general material, it should be the best ,but we could adjust the compression ratio according to the material if the customer has got the low production.