what raw materials do you use to make fuel pellets

fuel pellets are becoming more and more popular which is cheap and renewable than coal,gas and so on.so wood pellet mill is also more and more favorite by most of people.
Wood pellets are currently the most popular form of biomass fuel pellets. They are produced from shaving and sawdust from the wood processing industry. There are vast resources of wood currently unused that could be processed into wood pellets Wood pellets are very popular due to their low ash content and corrosive properties.

Energy crops is a collective term for biomass that is grown specifically to be turned into energy, this includes converting the crops to pellets. Some examples of energy crops are Miscanthus, Reed Canary Grass, Switch Grass,and more. Energy crops are becoming popular as high yields can be obtained.

Food Crop Residues

When food crops are harvested there are residues that are left over from the process, for example straw. This includes Wheat Straw, Barley Straw, Corn Stalks and more. Turning food crop residues into fuel pellets could have benefits in producing cheaper food and fuel, while keeping food and fuel separate.

if you would like to  have one own small biomass pellet machine,we, as a professional pellet mill manufacture, will supply you best equipment,service and solutions.

wood pelletizing machine is a biomass energy molding equipment

Wood pelletizing machine is a biomass energy molding equipment, this wood pelletizing machine can make beautiful appearance, good size of finished pellets, The pellets made by this biomass pelletizer are easy to store and transportated for its high density and homogeneous size,which is easy to use for the high heat value and full burning, you can both use it yourself and for sale because the technical indicators of the pellets have reached the international standard. You can choose such a pellet mill for home use making wood pellets so that you can make pellet fuel at home and use them for heating or cooking or sell the redundant to the neighbors, If you want set up your own pellet business, you can purchase wood pelletizing machine for commercial use and make a plan of your business so you can profit with this efficient machine.

As stated pellet density is crucial to the value of the pellets produced, however many pellet mills, particularly using most straw pellet mill to make fuel pellets with high density. Without sufficient density the pellets break apart during storage and movement. This creates fines (pellet dust) and this dust can block up the pellet stove or boiler and also increase the amount of ash produced from the fuel pellets.

select a homemade pellet mill for making good pellets

select a  home use pellet mill for making good pellets

wood pellet business is  creating extremely quick. The fast improvement tends to make pellet mill or the wood pellet making machine more and more popular to most of the people all through the planet. wood pellet have been regarded as to be ideal in comparison with the fossil fuels. wood pellet mill has advantages of functions higher capability, reduced costs and low consumption. when you have a little farm family, then you definitely may think about utilizing a home made pellet mill. This machine can convert your living waste into combustible pellets which you are able to use for heating.
For you to make the wood pellets in your house, you would have to have your pellet mill and a few raw materials. Biomass such as corn stalks, straws, wood, leaves and grass clippings can be used as the raw materials for pelletizing.
                                                     diesel type home use pellet mill
                                               electric type homemade wood pellet mill

difference between ring die wood pellet mill and flat die pellet mill

Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

Compared with ring die
wood pellet mill, the flat die pellet mills are applied to small and medium sized production which requires lower hourly output and the materials with large adhesive force. Also, flat die pellet mill has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, flat die pellet making machine is of low energy consumption, greater mobility, so it is suitable for small scale family workshop, but not for large-scale operation in enterprises and factories. Low output, low pressure, bad final pellet forming shape are disadvantages of flat die wood pellet mill. What’s more, the removing of spare part is indeed a troublesome thing.so flat die sawdust pellet mill is most suitable for small scale and home use

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Ring die pellet mills are of vertical structure and they combine with the flat die
biomass pellet mill vertical feeding method. The original circle structure of ring die pellet press is specially designed for those wood materials like gum wood, palm which are hard to press. Because the proportion of the materials is light, so vertical feeding method is selected. In addition, due to the nice stability of circle structure ring die pellet mills, thus the design adopts combination of ring die and flat die.

diesel wood pelletizer mill unique features

wood pellet mill is mainly applied to biomass material, make the biomass fuel pellets (wood pellet). The diameter of input materials is 2-6mm, the smaller the better. The moisture of raw materials is about 13--17%, The pellet machine can be both with motor and diesel engine can satisfy the different customers' requirements.
Under the advanced technology adopting automobile differential gear, the capacity of our wood pellet mill has advantages of low energy consumption and the operation is very convenient. Therefore the
wood pellet making machine are widely adopted in the feed factory, sugar bagasse factory, Chinese traditional medicine plant and sawdust plant.

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill Unique Features
1.the wood pellet mill is driven by a diesel engine makes wood pellets production available especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity.
wood straw pellet mill is equipped with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed.
3.Visible chamber design makes the pelleting process clear and visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
4,Adopt screw-center adjusting pressure structure which makes flat die pellet mill more practical.
With adjustable compression rate, the flat die pellet mill can meet different pelletizing requirements and is available to press coarse materials.
Small and lightweight, making small-scale production possible.
5.Diesel wood pellet mill is of simple structure, high capacity, low energy consumption and easy operation.

                                                  electric wood pellet making machine
                                                             diesel wood pellet mill

more and more popular animal feed pellet mill

Feed pellet mill is popular for its ruggedness and flexibility.This animal feed pellet mill is movable and easy operation. It is suitable for home use and small or big enterprises to produce animal feed, and organic/inorganic fertilizer. It can be worked by diesel engine or electric motor.

Features of feed pellet machine:
1. the pellet mill has wide production range, we could get it to pellet from biomass we could find now such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut shell, rice husk and straw.
2.The density of the pellet could be 1100 kg/m³.
3.Compression ratio of the nib. As the different material has different stacking density and lignose, the nibshould be adjusted to get the best molding result. We have done more experiments to get the more suitablecurrent die specification. For general material, it should be the best , but we could adjust the compression ratio according to the material if the customer has got the low production.
4.pellet in high density and good appearance
5.no pollution and environment friendly;easy and simple operation;high forming rate
6.The quality of pellets, the productivity, energy consumption, pellet production efficiency and reliability, all these
7.The dies of flat die pellet mill have two types of designs, one is stationery rollers with rotating die and stationary die with roller rotating.

how to choose an electric wood pellet mill

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
▷The pellet mill machine can suppress biomass pellets( sawdust, forestry wastes, crops straw, grain husks) and grain feed pellets.
▷it has flexible design of driven or stationary pellet roller and die,compact structure, good appearance.
▷the wood pellet making mill is suitable to medium, small size wood pellet plants or family for commercial heating or warming.
▷Pellet production need no chemical, glue or other additives.
▷High pellet output, low energy consumption, low noise and breakdown rate, economic and durable.
how to choose wood pellet mill
Firstly, the simple design of the flat die pellet mill are occupied very much less space than ring die pellet mill. such small home use pellet mill can be transported very conveniently and more flexible to small scale pellets production plant.

Secondly, pelletizing process is visibility for flat die pellet machine. through viewing whole pelleting process within the chamber you”ll discover accurately what the genuine trouble is and solve it quickly whenever problems happen.

Thirdly, Flat die pellet maker can be driven by electricity motor also can be driven by diesel engine motor. You can have double choice as per your local electricity condition. If you’re going to choose electric flat die pellet press, make sure you have enough power capacity in the pelletizing location.

what influent a pellet maker price

what influent a pellet maker price.using a pellet maker is an economical way to replace your fuel reserves becuase the pellets can save money for you from many aspects.pellets are turned from waste. Pellet fuel is the ideal fuel for home use warming and cooking and industrial use, and its price doesn't undulate like the price of fuel and natural gas. But there are a lot of people thinnk it is expensive to buy a biomass pellet mill, and then they will look for low price pellet maker online.

There is one thing you should know that affect the pellet maker price is the production capacity and its quality. The higher the production capacity ,the more that it will cost. You will find the cost very affordable if you are looking for a
home use pellet mill. Sometimes the second hand pellet mill is also good if the manufacture is reliable. The pellet maker price will not decide the performance . You will have to prepare for a large amount of money if you want start a big pellet mill plant for commercial use. And if you own a small farm or would like to make pellets at home for family use, a small homemade pellet mill will be the best choice.

the other factor that affects small capacity home use pellet mill price is the work entailed in designing and manufacturing the pellet mills. For the pellets mills to be designed, a lot of hard work and dedication is required to make it effectively. This in turn makes the manufacturers price the pellet mills slightly higher.

think twice when buying cheap animal feed pellet mill

think twice when buying cheap animal feed pellet mill
Pellet Mill Produced by Reputed Manufacturer:Just as when we buy in the supermarket, we would believe in the machine with a good brand and quality. The manufacturer is also very vital for a animal feed pellet mill. Good reputation supplier can provide reliable products. What's more, a best animal feed pellet mill made by good manufacturer also have a longer working life. So it still can work really well despite the fact that it has been used for even 3-4 years.

Check and Test: After you are pleased with the vendor of the pellet mill and you would like to buy the animal feed pellet mill from a flat die pellet mill manufacturer you should come to check and test the machine carefully. If it is Ok , but guarantee its inside of structure is not destroyed, particularly the condition of die and roller. If it still looks good, then ask the seller to run the pellet mill to check out if the pellet mill canproduce good quality pellets

How much time has the feed pellet making mill been used? It is very essential to find out the service time of the pellet machine for all machines have a limited service life no matter how good they are. Try your best to know the production date of the pellet mill from the signs or papers. If it has been used for too many years, and then you should directly turn down it. Although it is very cheap, however, the operation is cheap too. Worse still, it may even distressed you for it may go wrong during the process, making this even really expensive for you have to pay for the maintenance.

we manufacture two kinds of feed pellet mill

we manufacture two kinds of feed pellet mill. One is 9KLP series feed

pellet mill which have small capacity with small electricity consumption

and small size which is suitable for home use or small poultry farm to

make their own feed pellets.It can be made very small out of the

consideration of technology. Now we introduce some features

of flat die
pellet mill.

1.The flat die feed pellet mill can press 2-8mm diameter animal feed

pellets. Animal feed materials such as grain, soybean,maize etc.
flat die feed pellet mill is handled by CNC machine, the die and

rollers are handled by heat treatment, which increase the using life time
3.Moisture content is very important as well, the moisture range of raw materials for proper pelletizing is between 15-17 percent. If the material is green wood, the moisture content is too

high, usually up to 60 percent. It will need to be dried, either

naturally or mechanically with a drier. Using a drier can be very costly,

and proper calculation should be given about whether pelletizing high

moisture material is worth the added expense of drying.