cattle feed pellet making machinery with 200--300kg/h for small farm

This electric flat die pellet mill is smaller in size, design and structure with capacity 110-140kg/h for making wood pellets and 200-300kg/h for making feed pellets. the cattle feed pellet making machine is an electrically powered cattle feed pellet mill with a 200 mm diameter die, the holes in the die can be pretty much whatever size you would like. You can use them to process a variety of agricultural and forest wastes, such as sawdust, corn stover, straw, rice husk, palm kernel shell and many other wastes into pellets. Low noise, high efficiency and high flexibility, this pellet machine for sale is your ideal pelletizing machine
1. Electric flat die cattle feed extruder is driven by electric motor which makes it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
2. Roller and flat die are made from precise material of alloy metal which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to break, besides, both sides can use the flat die, thus having a long service life.
3. the cattle feed Pellet machine adopts two or three pair of rollers ,high efficiency, uniform pellet size.
4. Quick disassembling type of precisely-cast die clamp is adopted to connect the die and quill flange, able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently according to your needs.
5. Visibility. the cattle feed pellet making machinery is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve problem in time.
6. Small size & weight which makes the cattle feed machinery widely used in home, small farm.

feed stuff pellet machine for sale to make 2mm,3mm pellets for animals

This pellet machine for sale is used mainly for sawdust, straw, cotton stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo powder, palm empty fruit bunch and other plant waste of materials and waste toner, granulation, the pellet machine has the features of compact structure, easy operation, stable operation, continuous work, suppress the particle has the characteristics of high density, high ignition value, low moisture content, low ash content, the machine adopts high precision gear transmission gearbox, oil system of hydraulic automatic circulation oil between the gearbox and the spindle bearing.the feed pellet making equipment is one new kind of gear box which is better than old model, and it is good to make sawdust pellets than before.the grass pellet machine also can make the oil cake for the feedstuff , which could be granule pellet for the fish, chicken, animal, etc.The final size is Dia 6,8,10,12mm for the sawdust pellet , and 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.For animals food .According to the requirements of clients, the length of the pellets can be adjusted.

Characteristics of wood pellet making machine:

1. the feed stuff pellet machine has Structure simple, wide adaptability, small area covering, low noise.

2. Powder feed, grass powder don't need or a little liquid can be added for granulating, so the moisture content of granule feedstuff almost the same as moisture of granulating materials, which is benefit to store.

3. The feed stuff is for Chicken, duck, fish etc,can get more economic benefits than mixed powder feed.

4. Dry materials processing,the feed particles with high hardness, smooth surface, internal cure, can improve the nutrition digestion and absorption.

alfalfa pelletizer extruder machine for sale with low price and best quality

The KLP series pellet mills machine use the electric motor as the driving force for initiative axis, and operate cyclely. Major axis and disk mode are drived by gear wheels to produce the friction with the pressure roll bolt, the resulting friction temperature between pressure roller and the mode tray can reach 80°c . The powder material become paste at high temperature and is condensed into pieces, then go through the hole on the mode tray. The high-quality alfalfa pellet making machine will be rolling out from the exit of machines under the role of the pressure roller . At the same time, the length of pellets can adjust according to location of the cutter segment.This series animal feed mill equipment for sale can be used to pellet all kinds of biomass particles , such as sawdust, peanut shell, rice husk, sugar cane bagasse, coffee husk, wood chips, wood shavings, bamboo dust, corn stalk, straw, wheat straw, wheat shell, wheat bran, bean straw, cotton stalk, dregs of a decoction, branch, leaves, discarded edible mushroom, house refuse, forestry wastes and many other agro wastes etc.

alfalfa pelletizer extruder machine features
1.It can be designed to produce animal feed pellets and high-density wood fuel pellets.
2. Raw materials are sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark, etc and the pellets are easily stored and transported.
3. They are widely used in house- warming and power generation.
4. They are alternative fuel for non-renewable energy like coal, oil, .
5.They are a kind of clean and renewable energy with advantages of energy saving and carbon emission reducing.

where to buy a small alfalfa pelleting machine to make my own pellets

flat die alfalfa pelleting machine for processing grass meal materials is driven by electricity Compared with ring die mills,flat die pellet mills are more suitable in small scale commercial and light industrial production.But flat die alfalfa pelleting machine are not as wide spread as those with flat dies due to the pellet making machines greater complexity and higher costs. As the die's name suggests,flat die has a wide cylindrical shape and is mounted vertically,rather than ring and horizontally as with a ring die. A surge bin is used to feed biomass materials through a variable speed conditioner before materials being distributed through the pellet mill door.A screw auger is useful at this last step of centering the materials in the pellet mill chamber.Our complete alfalfa pellet line has a compact structure, low energy consumption and is highly efficient. Every feed pellet mill for sale in the feed pellet plant can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements. Professional technical guidance of installing the machinery is also available.The whole process of feed pellet line can be highly automatically controlled

Features of alfalfa pellet mill
1.the alfalfa pelleting machine has Wide suitability of materials, like sawdust, leaf, straw and other biomass materials.which has Stable performance, high output and low power consumption. Simple maintaining, low failure rate, easy operation.
2.The small alfalfa pelleting machine is casting as an integer with firm structure and long life span, motor-driven pellet mill or diesel engine-driven pellet machine are available for choosing according to clients requirements.
3.the alfalfa pelleting machine has high temperature heat treatment of flat die and compressing rollers, lower cost of high resistance spare parts.
4.the small alfalfa pelleting machineh as high ratio of molding and high density of pellets.
Diameter of pellet are ranged fromΦ6—Φ12, according to customers requirements.